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If you are looking for steep change in the contribution from your leadership team with regard to strategy, creative thinking and performance I would recommend Naomi Lawrence to guide you through this transition.  Naomi has the ability to thoroughly understand your current state and then facilitate the team to perform at a higher level through challenging leadership styles, strategic thinking and ultimately business performance.



I have experienced Naomi’s workshop facilitation on a number of occasions in various industries across public and private sectors, and more recently during a Leadership workshop. The content and group exercises were interactive and thought provoking. 


Using scenarios and examples that are relevant and relatable, Naomi has an ability to take people on a journey away from the day-to-day and look at the big picture.  Naomi has an intuitive sense for what is needed in the moment to meet the needs of her audience and leaves them with a sense of empowerment.  She raises the bar as she masterfully demonstrates the art of facilitation.

AAM Investment Group

MEGAN HUNT, Manager People and Capability

Naomi has played a significant role in the development of a really positive work environment for us all.  Her experience, passion and advice during our establishment phase has been invaluable. 


Naomi has also had a significant impact on our emerging customer service culture at Metricon Stadium, and played a lead role in the implementation of the Disney program which is now considered by many sporting clubs and stadiums throughout the country as a way to achieve a competitive advantage.

Gold Coast Football Club (Gold Coast Suns)


... C-IQ (took) the emotion out of the equation through their immediate interaction with (a) staff member following the redundancy notice. This greatly assisted the ability to restore a harmonious work place almost immediately.

GEO Property Group


I enjoyed your presentation and commend you on the way you interacted with the audience and the positive participation you received. I found the content very insightful and thought provoking.

Whitsunday Regional Council


Deputy Mayor

The Gold Coast Blaze has been fortunate to work with a person of such impeccable skills as Naomi Lawrence. She has provided critical advice and strategic planning within our Sales & Marketing department and has been instrumental in the positive direction this organisation now finds itself in.


Naomi possesses great knowledge across a wide range of business disciplines but her strength is the ability to communicate her concepts very clearly and efficiently with her presentation always first class. Her planning has been a real benefit to the Blaze and she continues to provide excellent value to our business.

Gold Coast Blaze Basketball

JOE HANLON, Sales Manager


Naomi provided a professional and personal service to both the management team and the retrenched employees. The impact of the restructure and subsequent redundancies was lessened by the coaching and feedback that Naomi provided as part of the planning process.

The level of understanding around moving dates and time frames helped to ease the pressure I was under as the coordinator of the restructure. Naomi made herself available for phone calls and meetings and was understanding of our changes in dates and times – often at short notice.

I would be more than happy to recommend the services of C-IQ and in particular Naomi Lawrence. The advice was spot on, the value was great and the support priceless.

Geo Property Group


(C-IQ) has contributed to creating greater cohesion and alignment amongst the managers. My own unit (of) team members have benefited enormously from career management advice and developing a greater understanding of effective teamwork, valuing the unique contributions of all members.

Department Education and Early Childhood Development

LISA BLACK, Manager School Improvement

C-IQ is a great resource that is able to provide support and direction to a whole range of organisational, managerial and personnel issues both individually and across the whole office that can influence change and a new perspective.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

ANA TSAGANOS, A/Manager Community Partnerships

C-IQ’s regular contact with a range of people within our department, together with in-depth questioning and observation has ensured understanding of the culture and needs of individuals and the organisation as a whole.

We have made huge gains in cultural change and work place productivity which would not have been possible without the guidance and coaching from C-IQ. C-IQ has helped us to manage the change process in a coordinated and competent manner. This has helped to instill confidence about change for staff and management."

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

IRENE HARDING, Acting Assistant Regional Director


We have been working with Naomi for a number of years as an executive coach and facilitator.  I have found that Naomi is able to develop high trust relationships with the teams and individuals she is working with in a short period of time, enabling her to unpack issues or barriers and swiftly move through to actions and results.  Naomi has a varied toolkit and has always been able to share new and interesting strategies to get the groups thinking and engaged.

Billabong Group



With the support of Naomi Lawrence, my recent career transition was very successful.  Naomi has a very professional, respectful, and authentic approach and her positivity and depth of career transition knowledge and experience assisted me through my career change.  Naomi took the time to get to know me and this translated into a well thought through plan toward achieving that new roll, supported by very well-prepared cover letters, resumes and interview techniques. 


The process Naomi follows provides the emotional support required along with kindly challenging thinking, direction, and opportunities.  I would thoroughly recommend the career transition services provided by Naomi.



Former CFO


I had the pleasure of working with Naomi at C-IQ recently, after a referral from a colleague. I found the detailed and structured approach very easy to follow, in its step by step format.


Naomi made many insightful observations during our one on one consultations. Her use of probing questions, helped me to get a clearer understanding of my own strengths and directed me towards more fulfilling career choices.   


Displaying exceptional emotional intelligence at all times, Naomi guided me to a clear sense of purpose and a focused pursuit of my next career chapter.

Daragh Murphy


"C-IQ) helped me with my transition from my marketing consultancy into paid employment. I was pretty confused and quite low at the time but you gave me a very good piece of advice which was to go back and look at the thing I wanted to do when I left university, which was export marketing.


Well, I spent the next three months networking like crazy and ended up being offered a job as the sales and marketing manager of a start up technology company. High risk but the role got all the ticks I was after and there was the promise of bonuses if the company is successful. Nearly a year later I am really enjoying the job – have been to Toronto and Las Vegas on separate occasions and am off to New York in August (I love the travel side of it).


The role is hugely stimulating and obviously important for the survival and growth of the company (which is about to break even for the second month). I get to do business with people all over the world and basically couldn’t be happier.

Tracient Technologies Ltd


Sales and Marketing Manager



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